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CT Engineering (Comptech) Icebox

I wasn’t a big fan of the cone filter that came with the TSX.  The stock air box had been removed for the most part, and replaced with a generic cone air filter.  Under quick acceleration the TSX had the adolescent-esque screen of the intake.  I’m old.  Er, older.  When I was younger and first got into the automotive scene, I would have wanted that sound.  Now I just want quiet.

I’ve always been a fan of Comptech or CT Engineering parts so I decided to take advantage of HeelToe Automotives Black Friday deals and purchase the OEM parts needed (lower air box) and the CT Icebox.  =D

I certainly like how the Icebox fills that area of the engine bay nicely.  Like it belongs there.  Gone is the scream, replaced with a nice, quiet, but strong acceleration.  I think there is even a slight whistle/whine with the installation of the Icebox and air horn under the drivers side headlight behind the bumper.

The Icebox makes me happy.  =)


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Skunk2 things for the TSX

Skunk2 had an awesome Black Friday sale so I decided to take advantage.  =)   Some things were needed, others were nice to get for a great discount.

After taking the TSX into Aspen Auto Clinic for a once over I learned I needed to replace the valve cover gasket and the VTEC solenoid gasket.  Since Skunk2 was having their sale and they offer a VTEC solenoid, I figured I’d pick up one of those.

I also learned that the TSX didn’t have adjustable front camber arms… =(

So I bought a set of Skunk2 adjustable A arms.  =D

Skunk2 seems to have upped their packaging game!

And now for a few dress up items:

Radiator cap before:

Radiator cap after:


Oil cap before:

Oil cap after:

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It was a friggin plug…

So when I bought the TSX the navigation touch screen was non responsive.  After starting the car, it would go to the screen where you enter the security code and eventually just dim/turn off since the code couldn’t be entered.  The set of buttons under the nav screen and the little toggle switch also did not work.  The climate control buttons to each side of the screen worked though.

After doing some research online, I came across the conclusion that maybe replacing the whole touch screen unit would do the trick.  So after $370, I ordered a unit from eBay.

So after I received it I prepared to remove and replace the unit currently in the car.  While doing so I noticed a white plug receptacle on the under side of the unit.  The previous owner mentioned something about a white plug in that area that was for the light assembly of the cubby that was replaced by the Clarion head unit.  I didn’t see the white plug off the bat and looked around for it.  It was tucked off to the side of the Clarion head unit.  After taking a look at the plug and receptacle on the OEM unit I began to think that it wasn’t just for a light assembly.  There were too many contacts inside to just be for a light. So I connected that white plug to the under side receptacle of the OEM touch screen assembly and started the car… And what the friggin hell do ya know?!  The touch screen works!  >=(

So…expensive lesson learned.  I’ll only be out the 25% restocking fee the eBay seller charges after I return the unit.  =|

The newly discovered problem?  There is a navigation disc error.  So I ordered the final map update release for the 2004-2005 TSX that came out in 2014.  The 2014 Orange DVD Map update V3.D0 is the last update for my model year TSX.

Hopefully that will fix the navigation system of my used TSX.

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Out with the wide, in with the winter set up

First order of business was to swap out the wheel/tire combo I bought the car with.  They were far too wide for my taste.  The Work Emotion CR Ultimate wheels look awesome, they just weren’t the right fit for me.  The wheel specs are 18×9.5 +12.

I was able to find a set of of Enkei Aegis wheels AND winter tires on the local Craigslist!  At 17×8 +36, with 235/45 tires, the fit was more to my liking.  The “new to me” Enkei’s are far from perfect condition, but look great to me and give me a chance to try my hand a repairing curb rash and such, to make them look better.  One negative about the Enkei’s, one is missing the center cap sticker.  I haven’t been able to find one on the world wide web yet either.

Next order of business was a proper alignment.  The car came with a rear upper arm camber kit installed and Ingalls rear camber toe links uninstalled.  Thankfully, Skunk2 had a Black Friday deal going so I was able to buy a Skunk2 Pro Series front camber kit at a discount.

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So I bought a 2004 TSX…

Aloha all,

So I bought a 2004 TSX, with 158xxx miles on the odometer.

I used to be big into Acura’s, owned a few integra’s. My last was a four door GSR that I turbocharged and bagged.

I picked up this TSX with the goal of an OEM+ style to it. I plan to  document my ownership of it.

Mod’s when I purchased it are:

– SRD cat back exhaust
– BC BR Type coilovers with 34k front swift springs, 10k swift rears
– Work Emotion CR Kai 18×9.5 +12 wheels with 225/40 tires
– Clarion VX405 head unit in the cubby section
– A Spec front lip
– Mugen grille
– oem euro r headlights
– DC5 Type R shift knob
– side skirt splitters

Just for record, here is the Craigslist ad for it.

Bought it from my cousin in law in Florida and promptly drove it 1800+ miles back to Colorado.

Here are a few photos as it came when I bought it.

Now to document the bad:

  • The navigation touch screen isn’t working
  • Passenger side front fender is damaged due to a tire blow out.
  • Wheel/tire combo are too wide for my taste.
  • VSA and “exclamation point inside triangle” light was on
  • Fog lights aren’t connected.

It’s a great looking car. And it made the 1800+ mile cross country drive with no major issues.  I noticed a “slow to start” type condition during my three day drive home, so after a day into the drive I bought an Optima yellow top battery from Advance Auto Parts in Mississippi.  I also picked up some Rain X wiper blades at that time too.

Next order of business is to get the car looked over and fix the things that aren’t working or that I’m particular about.