Varrstoen, supporting unoriginality

So I’ve been on a wheel writing kick lately. Today’s focus is on Varrstoen. It seems this company is all about copying design’s, selling them at a fraction of the cost and saturating the wheel market misguiding new enthusiasts to the wheel world. Now, I’m no wheel snob but it comes to a point where […]

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You sir, are an imposter!

So I’m going to start off a new category about wheels… Wheels can totally change the look of a car, making it stand out from the thousands of same make and model cars out there.  The price of wheels and new tires start off in the hundreds, commonly close to a thousand.  But they are […]

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Avid.1 wheels sad face. :(

Looks like Avid.1 wheel company’s quality is questionable. I’m no wheel snob and don’t mind the replica wheel company’s out there.  I mean, not everyone can afford hard to find original wheels or built to order multi piece wheels.  So some companies bring those classic style’s back with replica’s.  And isn’t imitation the sincerest form […]

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