CT Engineering (Comptech) Icebox

I wasn’t a big fan of the cone filter that came with the TSX.  The stock air box had been removed for the most part, and replaced with a generic cone air filter.  Under quick acceleration the TSX had the adolescent-esque screen of the intake.  I’m old.  Er, older.  When I was younger and first […]

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Skunk2 things for the TSX

Skunk2 had an awesome Black Friday sale so I decided to take advantage.  =)   Some things were needed, others were nice to get for a great discount. After taking the TSX into Aspen Auto Clinic for a once over I learned I needed to replace the valve cover gasket and the VTEC solenoid gasket. […]

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Almost like new steering wheel

The almost 13 year old steering wheel on the TSX was in worse off condition than my old 23 year old Integra sedan’s wheel.  I’m guessing the past 3-4 owners before me may have picked at it until it looked like this. Since the TSX will be my daily driver, I couldn’t stand driving it […]

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It was a friggin plug…

So when I bought the TSX the navigation touch screen was non responsive.  After starting the car, it would go to the screen where you enter the security code and eventually just dim/turn off since the code couldn’t be entered.  The set of buttons under the nav screen and the little toggle switch also did […]

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You sir, are an imposter!

So I’m going to start off a new category about wheels… Wheels can totally change the look of a car, making it stand out from the thousands of same make and model cars out there.  The price of wheels and new tires start off in the hundreds, commonly close to a thousand.  But they are […]

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