CT Engineering (Comptech) Icebox

I wasn’t a big fan of the cone filter that came with the TSX.  The stock air box had been removed for the most part, and replaced with a generic cone air filter.  Under quick acceleration the TSX had the adolescent-esque screen of the intake.  I’m old.  Er, older.  When I was younger and first got into the automotive scene, I would have wanted that sound.  Now I just want quiet.

I’ve always been a fan of Comptech or CT Engineering parts so I decided to take advantage of HeelToe Automotives Black Friday deals and purchase the OEM parts needed (lower air box) and the CT Icebox.  =D

I certainly like how the Icebox fills that area of the engine bay nicely.  Like it belongs there.  Gone is the scream, replaced with a nice, quiet, but strong acceleration.  I think there is even a slight whistle/whine with the installation of the Icebox and air horn under the drivers side headlight behind the bumper.

The Icebox makes me happy.  =)



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