Skunk2 things for the TSX

Skunk2 had an awesome Black Friday sale so I decided to take advantage.  =)   Some things were needed, others were nice to get for a great discount.

After taking the TSX into Aspen Auto Clinic for a once over I learned I needed to replace the valve cover gasket and the VTEC solenoid gasket.  Since Skunk2 was having their sale and they offer a VTEC solenoid, I figured I’d pick up one of those.

I also learned that the TSX didn’t have adjustable front camber arms… =(

So I bought a set of Skunk2 adjustable A arms.  =D

Skunk2 seems to have upped their packaging game!

And now for a few dress up items:

Radiator cap before:

Radiator cap after:


Oil cap before:

Oil cap after:


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