Almost like new steering wheel

The almost 13 year old steering wheel on the TSX was in worse off condition than my old 23 year old Integra sedan’s wheel.  I’m guessing the past 3-4 owners before me may have picked at it until it looked like this.

Since the TSX will be my daily driver, I couldn’t stand driving it with the wheel as it was.  After doing some research, a whole “brand used” OEM wheel from eBay was cost prohibitive and seemed like a lot of work.

After more research I came across the Wheelskins company leather steering wheel cover.  I wanted an OEM look and they seemed to provide the best offering.  So, I figured I’d give it a shot.


After about an hours worth of work, threading and lacing the cover on the steering wheel, I’d have to say i’m pleased with the results.

The cover is tight fitting, or as tight as you lace it on and soft to touch.  It’s a pretty quality piece and great addition to freshen up the interior.  If i could have gotten the areas near the steering wheels spokes as tight as OEM, it would have been perfect.  According to the Wheelskins instructions, spokes larger than 1.5″ should have “dummy” stitches on the front side of the cover.  So those areas are tight, but not “glued” to the steering wheel in those areas if you catch my drift.

Overall I’m pretty satisfied with Wheelskins leather wheel covers.  You can order them from Amazon as linked in this blog post, or at the Wheelskins website.


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