Out with the wide, in with the winter set up

First order of business was to swap out the wheel/tire combo I bought the car with.  They were far too wide for my taste.  The Work Emotion CR Ultimate wheels look awesome, they just weren’t the right fit for me.  The wheel specs are 18×9.5 +12.

I was able to find a set of of Enkei Aegis wheels AND winter tires on the local Craigslist!  At 17×8 +36, with 235/45 tires, the fit was more to my liking.  The “new to me” Enkei’s are far from perfect condition, but look great to me and give me a chance to try my hand a repairing curb rash and such, to make them look better.  One negative about the Enkei’s, one is missing the center cap sticker.  I haven’t been able to find one on the world wide web yet either.

Next order of business was a proper alignment.  The car came with a rear upper arm camber kit installed and Ingalls rear camber toe links uninstalled.  Thankfully, Skunk2 had a Black Friday deal going so I was able to buy a Skunk2 Pro Series front camber kit at a discount.


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