So I bought a 2004 TSX…

Aloha all,

So I bought a 2004 TSX, with 158xxx miles on the odometer.

I used to be big into Acura’s, owned a few integra’s. My last was a four door GSR that I turbocharged and bagged.

I picked up this TSX with the goal of an OEM+ style to it. I plan to  document my ownership of it.

Mod’s when I purchased it are:

– SRD cat back exhaust
– BC BR Type coilovers with 34k front swift springs, 10k swift rears
– Work Emotion CR Kai 18×9.5 +12 wheels with 225/40 tires
– Clarion VX405 head unit in the cubby section
– A Spec front lip
– Mugen grille
– oem euro r headlights
– DC5 Type R shift knob
– side skirt splitters

Just for record, here is the Craigslist ad for it.

Bought it from my cousin in law in Florida and promptly drove it 1800+ miles back to Colorado.

Here are a few photos as it came when I bought it.

Now to document the bad:

  • The navigation touch screen isn’t working
  • Passenger side front fender is damaged due to a tire blow out.
  • Wheel/tire combo are too wide for my taste.
  • VSA and “exclamation point inside triangle” light was on
  • Fog lights aren’t connected.

It’s a great looking car. And it made the 1800+ mile cross country drive with no major issues.  I noticed a “slow to start” type condition during my three day drive home, so after a day into the drive I bought an Optima yellow top battery from Advance Auto Parts in Mississippi.  I also picked up some Rain X wiper blades at that time too.

Next order of business is to get the car looked over and fix the things that aren’t working or that I’m particular about.




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