Megan coil over install on a 2015 Frozen Black Mini Countryman S All4

One of the gifts on my wife’s Christmas list this past year was a set of coil overs for her 2015 Frozen Black Mini Cooper Countryman S All4.  So I bought  her a set of Megan Racing Euro II series coil overs (MR-CDK-MCC11) Happy wife means happy life! Lol. So what follows is what I documented of the install. (Disclaimer, I didn’t note down the bolt sizes so I’m guesstimating from memory)

The fit and finish of the Megan coil overs is superb. The teal finish is nice and seemingly durable. The threaded parts adjusted smoothly and easily. And all parts felt solid.

TIP:  Adjusting ride height is definitely easier with the assembly’s off of the vehicle.  With that said, i didn’t know what heights the Megan’s are set at when shipped.  For reference, I set the fronts to have 60mm of spacing between the silver lock ring at the bottom and the smaller teal lock ring above it.  For the rear I set it to 30mm between the lower silver lock ring and smaller teal lock ring above it.  See photo at very bottom to see what that height looks like.

The front install didn’t take too much negotiating. With an impact gun replacing and removing the OEM front parts wasn’t too difficult.

The front assembly is held in by one 17mm bolt/nut combo at the bottom to the hub and three smaller 12 or 13mm nuts at the top accessible with the hood open. Aside from that the Megan coil overs also come with shorter sway bar end links that replace the OEM ones.


For the passenger side front I came across a thread on the internet that advised disconnecting this part so as to not damage it.  I believe it is for head light leveling.


The rear assembly’s are only held in by three bolts two 13mm hold the upper area and one 21mm bolt holds the lower to the hub.

The 21mm lower bolt was a headache to remove.  Even with an impact gun it didn’t want to come out easily.  It took some breaker bar action and a nearly bursting a blood vessel in my head to remove.

Once the lower assembly is removed from the car some parts from the OEM assembly need to be reused.

Use a spring compressed to disassemble to rear assembly.  I borrowed mine from the local Advance Auto Parts.  Below is a photo of the parts removed from the assembly.  Beginning with the number 1, is the order in which I put them on the Megal rear assembly.

And here is a photo of just the parts from the OEM assembly in the order they go on the Megan assembly.

And below is the finished product!

(From the ground to the center of the fender arch is about 26.5″.)


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