Varrstoen, supporting unoriginality

So I’ve been on a wheel writing kick lately. Today’s focus is on Varrstoen. It seems this company is all about copying design’s, selling them at a fraction of the cost and saturating the wheel market misguiding new enthusiasts to the wheel world.

Now, I’m no wheel snob but it comes to a point where enough should be enough. At least come up with one design thats original or isn’t a 90% copy of a reputable wheel.

Just take a look at Varrstoen’s current wheel offering. The red text is the company and wheel model of the original design.

And if you’re curious about quality, check out a google search of “varrstoen fail” You’ll see a fair amount of forum posts and pictures demonstrating the Varrstoen quality.

Google search “Varrstoen fail”

Check out this claim on a 370Z forum about a Varrstoen wheel +25mph+pothole. The original post was on an M3 forum.

(Even had the audacity to put on a BBS centercap)

And also from the same thread on the 370Z forum, a poster found this courtesy of JDM Chicago:


(This can no longer be found on their page though.)

Varrstoen…why so similar to Enkei?


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