You sir, are an imposter!

So I’m going to start off a new category about wheels…

Wheels can totally change the look of a car, making it stand out from the thousands of same make and model cars out there.  The price of wheels and new tires start off in the hundreds, commonly close to a thousand.  But they are one of those modifications that bring instant satisfaction to a car enthusiast.
There are a plethora of wheel companies nowadays that offer highly sought after styles for the budget minded or young budding car enthusiasts.  Main concerns with the replica companies is that they take away business from the companies that develop the original design and the quality and strength of their wheels is often questionable.

So without further delay first feature of genuine vs. imposter!

MTechnica Turbo’s vs. Avid.1 AV.17’s

MTechnica Turbo’s
Avid.1 AV.17’s

The claim can be made that MTechnica’s design isn’t original.  Which I won’t say it is.  They admit the Turbo’s are

Inspired by the Porsche 935 Kremer cars built in the 1980’s Gr.5. We built a strong lightweight concept to fit modern compact cars. Vents and internal fins are functional to help circulate the air between the wheel and brakes.

But in this case I’d say its a question of quality vs design.  A set of MTechnica’s range from $1000 to $1520 a set depending on style choices they offer.  Or Avid.1’s can be had for about half, at $512.  You could basically get a set of AV.17’s with tires for the price of the Turbo’s entry level set alone!

And Avid.1 is strikingly similar in name to the ADV1 wheel company…

What would you choose?


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