Eye Found Candy

Eye Found Candy.
I found candy.
Visual edibles for your enjoyment.  Sometimes they’re awesome like Sour Patch Kids or Kazoozles (If you don’t know about Kazoozles, find ’em!) And sometimes its like black licorice or that generic Halloween candy that tastes like God knows what.  Now on to your first taste.  Enjoy!

Somebody clue me in?

Here we’ve got a local find.  Black on black.  Who makes a 4 door hatchback called the “Sex”?  Or is that what Ford called this model year of the Focus?  Can somebody clue me in on what the decals are surrounding the Transformers one?  It’s got a Ken Block-ish theme going for it; number plate, American flag and bar code on the rear window.

Obviously, I’m not too familiar with domestic compacts either but do those look like Civic Si rims painted black?

To each their own.


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